Rompers All Summer

When I was in middle school and, for the first time in my life, rompers became a thing, I wore them everywhere, every style, every day.

Then they went out of style for 7 years.

NOW THEY’RE BACK… Or did they really ever leave? Maybe rompers are forever. I mean, they are the easiest thing in the world to wear and they sometimes feel like you are just wearing your PJs!


I love this romper from E. Leigh’s Boutique! It’s as comfy as wearing PJs. The front comes into a “V” and snaps together there (which is PERFECT so that you can keep everything together). I think it’s a great piece for how the weather is going on right now.. Kinda warm but way too windy. This is perfect for that!


They’ve also got these super cute espadrille wedges in-store and they are SO cute. I think every girl needs to have some pair of espadrilles this summer.


PLUS, how fun is this jewelry detail?! I am loving that V-necks with layering necklaces is a trend this spring. It’s so flirty and fun! I am also loving the resin earrings too!!! I LOVE the pattern of them. No two are the same… They’re lightweight but can be the statement of your accessories. E. Leigh’s has a TON of resin earrings that I am loving right now and they’re mostly under $20!!


THANK you all for reading today. I’ve got ANOTHER post hitting tomorrow so be on the lookout for that! It’s a dressy casual / would wear to work and brunch type of look.

xx, Claire

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