Form-Fitting Jumpsuits

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week has started well. Today the weather in Fayetteville is supposed to be awesome, so I’ll be spending my day outside! 

Yesterday I started listening to a spring playlist made by a friend of mine and was introduced to a new band! You may already know them but I didn’t before now, Francis and the Lights. I have been loving the song “Friends” and “May I Have This Dance” and the entire “Just For Us” album. I get so happy finding new artists to listen to! New music is always a good thing.


I love this look all from E. Leigh’s BoutiqueLately, jumpsuits have become a favorite of mine! I love how they are just a one-piece garment that fits you like a glove! I want to wear one all the time.


I wanted to style this one with a pop of red because, why not? They have these fun red sunnies that I thought would actually be perfect for a Razorback game, but also fun with a black jumpsuit!

It has been spring chilly around Fayetteville, too, so I decided to throw on a blazer, too. I am shocked by the quality of this one! It has a nice stretch to it and is more lightweight than you would think, or at least than I would think. It also fit super well and is just a staple to have in your closet!


Comment below and let me know what you think about this outfit!

Thank you for reading today everyone – I’ll be back on here tomorrow for a unique outfit. I pieced together some older items that I’ve had for a year or two but are still trendy today.

I hope you all have a great rest of your Tuesday!

xx, Claire

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