Next Level Hi-Low

Happy Wednesday everyone! You’ve made it halfway through the week. I’ve got three blog posts hitting this week!

Two are E. Leigh’s styled shoots, where I am wearing only E. Leigh’s clothing, but today I’ve got a unique one. Nothing I’m wearing is new! (actually, except the purse)

I want this post to show y’all two things:

1) I am in college and can’t afford to buy new stuff all the time for this blog.

2) Y’all can do the same thing! Pick something out from your closet that you haven’t worn in a while and style it to bring a fresh outfit!


I bought this fun top from my boss at Elysian, she was selling her old clothes for $5!!! I had to hit that up. She’s our buyer so she’s obviously got great style! The top is actually from Elysian too. We had some like it this past winter season in different colors. It’s so fun!

I think the only way I would wear it though is with nothing underneath. I like how the front is almost cropped. I think I would get too hot or feel too crowded with something underneath, even in the winter.


I bought these striped shorts at H&M while I was on vacation somewhere over a year ago… I don’t remember but I NEVER wore them! I figured since vertical stripes are back in this season, I might as well try to style them this-go-round! They’re super comfy so they could go with a t-shirt in the summer as well!


My heels are from Boohoo and I am wearing these things all the time! I love them so much.


Lastly, my purse is from Elysian and my sunnies are Quay Australia!


Pull something old out from your closet this week and try to make it into a new outfit! We’ve all got something that we just don’t pick all the time. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive!

Thanks for reading today!

xx, Claire

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