Wrap Romper

Hi hi hi everyone! Happy Thursday! I love today. BECAUSE I get to share one of my most favorite outfits ever!!

I love that there are just some clothing pieces you put on and they make you feel like a rockstar. Like a princess! That’s what happened when I put this outfit on! It’s not hard to work it in an outfit like this when you love the way it looks on you so much!

This entire outfit is from E. Leigh’s Boutique!


How CUTE + FUN is this jewelry?!? I can’t get over it. I love the drop necklaces like this lately and the fringe earrings. Also this purse is just too cute.

The sunnies are DIFF! (a sunglass brand for those of you that don’t know). E. Leigh’s sells them at their store! They are such a great quality.


Can I tell you a secret?? It’s not really a secret but kinda is. I have been running 2 miles almost every day and so far it has given me so much energy and more breath in daily life! I am really hoping that it tones my body and that I will have a “transformation picture!!” I like my body right now but would love it even more if it was well taken care of and toned up! I can’t believe I might become a runner. I would have never attached that name to me.

I’m actually not one to really make goals either. Like “new years resolutions” or make any promises at all because I can be the world’s most inconsistent person. Known to start books but never finish, even if I’m only a few pages away. I know a BUNCH of Coldplay songs on the piano but only the beginnings of them, I never finish them. I’m not naturally a finisher. God’s been working on me on that for the past year of being faithful to my yeses and not committing to things I know I won’t finish. Like, I know myself. I’m not going to read that book. I’m not going to go to the gym every day. Like I don’t make promises. Promises don’t motivate me. My desires do. I make myself want to do these things and I don’t tell a soul about it, because once I do, it becomes a promise. Now they know I’ve been going to the gym and now I have to keep going because of what I’ve told them.

That’s so weird but that’s just how I am. I don’t openly make goals unless I know I will get there. I don’t make promises I know I can’t keep. But God is the only consistent thing about me. He has kept this consistency of going to the gym and running 2 miles almost every day. He’s the one who has made me fall in love with it and make me want to take care of myself and given me the energy and desire to do it!

So bam. Secret’s out.


So happy you took the time to read this post today! I hope y’all have a great great day and an even BETTER weekend! Don’t let the rain or cold weather get you down, all of you NWA people.

xx, Claire

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