Hi, friends! Welcome to my blog! My name is Claire Connell and I am an Apparel Merchandising & Product Development major at the University of Arkansas.

I’m your Basic Becky but my name is Claire so I’m your basic Claire Bear.

Iced coffee is my favorite accessory.

I am very much an extrovert. I am my best self when I’m around others! I get my energy by being around people.

I love making connections with people.

I’m a question asker. I want to know about you but I also want you to know about me.

I stick only to the 5 main TV shows: Friends, The Office, New Girl, Revenge, and Lost.

New Life Church is my home.

I hope and pray to one day live in a city by a coast.

I’m always up for adventure because life is short. As long as it doesn’t involve heights or haunted houses.

I got loyalty got royalty inside my DNA. (ok now you know I like Kendrick Lamar) but for real, I’m a loyal person. I’m choosy with who I give my loyalty to. Especially when it comes to grocery stores. I love ALDI. Would you believe how much you save by shopping there instead of Walmart?!

I always end up adopting the newest fashion trends and I love studying and predicting trends. I appreciate hardworking, successful people for making it. I love studying brands and what makes each unique.

I want to be one of quiet beauty. Where the most of my beauty doesn’t show in my photos or in my words or in my aesthetic. Only where God and those closest to me can see.

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