Walk into Bath & Body Works for one thing…come out with the entire product line

Happy Tuesday everyone! Wow, it’s been an incredible start to a week for me. Last weekend I went to WOMAN CONFERENCE. My spirit is refreshed. I may or may not make another blog post on what they talked about this weekend. Everyone should hear it! So uplifting, empowering, and encouraging. THANK YOU New Life for reaching the WOMEN in Arkansas!!

Last week I went into Bath & Body Works to buy MYSELF something. I needed a new candle for the house and I shopped around too. I ventured over to the “CocoShea” area and started smelling things and just checking out what they had. I first noticed the body scrub and remembered I was running out of mine, so I grabbed it. I then asked a sales associate, my girl Elizabeth, how the body scrub works.

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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a special Easter weekend. I most certainly did! My family came to visit me and we had a blast. I love having a reason to celebrate with my loved ones. 

About a month ago I received the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer complimentary from Influenster for reviewing purposes! I love having this opportunity to be able to share right here on my blog. If you have been wanting to try a new, all-encompassing foundation primer, keep reading 🙂 
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Beauty Products I’ve Loved in 2 Months

Happy March everyone!

2017 has been off to a good start for me. New Year’s Resolutions not staying very strong but I’m constantly reminding myself that starting back up is considered progress! I’m learning a lot about myself, loving myself more, and working on me. 

How are y’all’s New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you already forget about them? I’ve had to write my goals and reminders up on my wall in my room to look at every time I walk out of the room. That way I don’t forget: who I am, whose I am, and who I want to be. Maybe a Post-It could help you too?

Well considering that it is already March and we have already completed 1/6 of 2017, I have a few trusty products I’ve learned to love and wanted to share with y’all! Keep reading for more info:

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1. Living Proof Perfect hair Day fresh cut split end mender – I have loved this with an everlasting love since this time last year. I have purchased it twice now. This stuff literally mends your split ends in seconds. Read up on it in that link. Living proof has been my hair’s best friend for a year now. I guess it’s our anniversary? Also, if you are wanting your hair to grow ASAP (like me), this stuff WILL DO IT. Guys, my hair has grown so many inches SO fast without me needing a hair cut. I don’t remember the last time I got a hair cut? Living proof says this is best used in-between cuts. So I’ll be getting a trim soon, don’t worry. You can use it on wet or dry hair but with my experience, it works best on wet hair, before primer!

  • Also, side note: just found out that Living Proof has automatic delivery :O

2. OUAI Haircare Wave Spray – I got this in my Ipsy bag and it works as a texture spray. It smells amazing and works great to give your hair volume and texture! I love using it after styling my hair. Loving this brand!

3. Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette – This is a matte (+ 4 shimmer) eye shadow palette by Tarte that smells like heaven. I love using this stuff. It is SO pigmented and I love mattes and it applies so well. Everyone loves it. I got it for Christmas and I am so thankful for it! These shades go for everyday and for dramatic looks. Get it if you’re looking for a matte eye shadow palette. You won’t regret it.

4. Colour Pop Ultra Matte (Beeper) and Ultra Satin (Magic Wand) Liquid Lipsticks – I first purchased Colour Pop’s Ultra Satin Lip when I wanted one of Kathleen Lights’s videos and loved her lip color. It’s so affordable and you get $5 off your first purchase. I’ve loved it and wanted to purchase another and my friends Jenna wore Beeper one day and I loved it so much I had to get it. Both of these lippes are so pigmented and stay on through THICK & THIN. They are not drying at all. They’re incredible. Please buy 10. The Ultra Satin is like a matte with a shine and the matte, of course, is all matte. Better than lipliner. 

5. Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream – so lately my hands have been getting CRAZY dry and cracking and bleeding and I knew I needed someting concentrated and serious. Nothing with a fragrance and something special for my hands and cuticles. My cuticles were getting so bad too. I work at the Clinique on campus and decided to purchase this. It is a perfect size to carry around everywhere with me in my purse and this stuff feels SO great, better than any other cream I tried. It relieved and healed my hands and cuticles, seriously. 

6. Real Techniques Brushes (Shade + Blend, Setting) – I hit these up at Ulta when they had the buy one get one FREE Real Techniques brushes and NYX face and eye makeup. The two purple ones (Shade + Blend) came in a pack then the Setting in a separate pack. I had wanted another eye shadow basic brush since I’ve had my e.l.f. one forever and I wanted a larger, more dense shader brush so this came in so clutch. I had to get another one for free so I chose the small setting brush which I’ve also wanted to try. Guys, please go buy these now because they are INCREDIBLE. These are some of the best brushes I’ve used in my life. I love the grip on them and the brushes are so soft and work so easily. 

I hope y’all enjoyed these reviews and hope this helps any of you who were thinking about purchasing these items. As always, feel free to comment and ask any questions. 

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week. Enjoy your second week in March, spring is almost here! 

xx, Claire

September Beauty Deals

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Happy Tuesday guys! Hope your week is off to a good start. Mine has struggled to get off the ground, but hey, it can only get better and it WILL!

So recently I have had some pretty awesome beauty deals – Clinique bonuses and my Ipsy bag! Check them out –

  1. September Ipsy bag + Ipsy offer:
    • In my bag I got 5 things but I gave 2 to my roommate. All of my roomies now do Ipsy every month and it is so fun!! Except that we get ours like a week apart and that’s tough to wait.
    • Too Faced lip injection. This stuff definitely does what it promises & it stings just a tad. Kinda freaky.
    • Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. This stuff is BOMB. It’s kind of a rose gold color. I have been wanting to try Trust Fund Beauty nail polish and I finally got too & now I’m in love with them!
    • Seraphine Botanicals guava butter. This is such a pretty color. It duos as a blush and a lip color! So soft. Kind of an orange.
    • SoSusan brushes. I saw the video on Ipsy’s Facebook about these brushes and immediately I was convinced to buy them! They are the perfect density and had the BEST deal!
  2. Ulta 21 days of beauty YEAH:
    • I didn’t participate a whole lot in this (though I should have) BUT I did get buy one get one free OPI nail polishes and they are the most gorgeous colors. Like a grey and pink color. They sound great when you clink them together (weird?)
  3. Clinique Bonus @ Bloomingdales:
    • I saw an ad on Facebook about Bloomingdale’s Clinique Bonus and I knew immediately that I NEEDED the bag! I got two things I needed from Clinique – the make up brush cleanser and liquid eye liner.
    • The brush cleaner is the BOMB. It cleans spot cleans so well, even after not cleaning for a week.
    • The liquid eye liner is my favorite eye liner I have ever had. Easy and perfect.
    • Bonus came with foaming sonic facial soap, a black stick eye liner, chubby lash mascara, and a lipstick. Oh, and the cutest bag ever. I am loving the products!
  4. Clinique Bonus @ the U of A bookstore:
    •  Yes, I said bookstore. There is a Clinique at the University of Arkansas’s bookstore and I work there! I have loved and used Clinique products for the longest time and now I have a job doing what I love! Helping people with make up and applying wonderful make up on people.
    • I bought 3 things: pretty easy brow palette, wear everywhere greys eye shadow palette, & turnaround body cream.
    • The brow palette is actually better than the Anastasia stuff I’d been using. My brows look WAY better, the highlight is beautiful, and it comes with a gel (fixative) that makes a beautiful finish on my brows.
    • THE EYE PALETTE is the best things ever!! The most beautiful colors, y’all. Please check it out. It does the whole job for my eyes. I don’t have to use any other eye shadow. Only that palette.
    • Turnaround is all about radiance. My skin needs radiance in some areas and I found this body cream and knew I needed it because I’ve been looking for something just like it.
    • Bonus came with Bare Pop lip pop, moisture surge, facial sonic soap, dramatically different moisturizing lotion, and an eye shadow duo/blush in like mink and sunset glow. Beautiful colors of both eye shadow and blush! Loved that Clinique chose these colors.

So I also got my Boxycharm but this is enough content, am I right? Might do another blog post about that. I LOVED this month’s Boxycharm. Favorite yet. Let me know if y’all want me to do another blog post about September’s Boxycharm! I might anyway 🙂

Thanks for tuning in! I hope this helps y’all in any way. Comment any questions about any products/promotions I mentioned! Have a fabulous week.

xx, Claire

Living Proof Timeless & No Frizz Review


Last month Living Proof’s Snapchat (@livingproofinc) hosted a one-day giveaway if we just snapped them a picture of what our hair needs! I’m obsessed with Living Proof & I follow their Snapchat on the daily, so I was right there. I never win giveaways but I love them so much so it was super cool to send them a pic anyway.

Well the next morning I woke up to a snapchat of them telling me congrats for winning the giveaway!! WHAT?! I was in a dream I thought. I had never won a giveaway and didn’t know what to expect.

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A couple weeks ago a box appeared on my bed (ok, it was at the door first but my dad brought it to my room) and it was a HUGE box from Living Proof. I almost cried. It was a heavy box!!! Yes, Lord. I kinda just figured they would give me a bunch of samples.. No, they gave me full-sized products!! OMG WHAT? I feel incredibly blessed.

Here are my hair issues that I am looking for these products to deal with:

  1. Hair loss. For some reason I have lost a substantial amount of hair in each wash lately and have been curious if a shampoo treatment could help it. Since I am so obsessed with Living Proof, I have slim-to-no doubt that their Timeless line will work out perfect for me.
  2. Frizz because of the humidity in Louisiana.

Here is what I received (total of $192 worth):

These are going to give me AMAZING hair for the summer (and even past that). I am obsessed with Living Proof for so many reasons.. I have received many free products from them and I count it as nothing less than blessings from God. 

I tried these products out the next day and decided that I would first use the pre-shampoo treatment, wash my hair with the timeless products, then style my hair using the oil and the finishing spray.

Here’s how I loved them:

Timeless – Like I said earlier, I deal with hair loss and this stuff in the FIRST WASH dramatically decreased the amount of hair I lose in the shower. The pre-shampoo treatment probably has a lot to do with this. I prayed that I would see a dramatic decrease in hair loss and I did!! How amazing is that? Thank you Living Proof for having EVERY solution to all of my hair issues. 

Should you use Timeless?

If you are dealing with hair loss or you want to make sure that your hair stays healthy and vibrant as you age, YES. I learned in one of Living Proof’s blog posts that the earlier you use their Timeless line, the healthier your hair will be as you age! I’m getting a super-head start!

Frizz – In Louisiana, I deal with a lot of frizz. Anywhere, I deal with a lot of frizz right out of the shower. I wanted to be able to see a difference after right using the shampoo & conditioner and I couldn’t quite yet but I have only used it once. It probably times a few times 🙂 I watched a super informational video on Living Proof’s frizz nourishing oil that you should check out and helped me better understand how I can use it. You can put however much in your hair without it actually “oiling up” your hair. This stuff is a miracle worker! It truly gets rid of your frizz, even when using heat products. And to finish up the style and prevent humidity from ruining my now-perfect hair, I used the humidity shield and applied it once again in the day to keep a set style. I love these products so much! I have also tried their nourishing cream and it works so well too, if you are uncomfortable with oils!

Should you try Frizz?

Absolutely! Especially in the summer. I feel like every girl at least needs that nourishing oil in the summer. It is a life saver! I deal with a lot of frizz in Louisiana + it is summer so it’s at 200% and this stuff is everything to me!

Also – I am getting to come to the Northeast for vacation this summer and will get to see the Living Proof headquarters!! I am so pumped. Although I won’t be able to tour, I am just stoked to get to see where it’s at and take a picture and definitely post it to Instagram 😉

Y’all have got to try their stuff. I own so many of their products now, so I can give you an honest opinion on how each product is on my hair – I am sold out to them. I even do “hair makeovers” on my friends with the products I have and they tell me that it’s like they are at the hair salon! I get to live that “just left that hair salon” type life every day with Living Proof’s products. I love helping people out and I absolutely love having my friends come over and help all their hair issues and educate them on how great Living Proof really is! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of Living Proof’s products and how you have liked them!

xx, Claire

Julep $5 Nail Polish Today Only

Hey guys! Happy May! May the Fourth be with you and the Revenge of the Fifth and Cinco de Mayo! I LOVE MAY. So much celebration 🙂 


I wanted to make a short post announcing that Julep has a Cinco de Mayo special by giving you selected nail polish for only $5! Don’t forget there is free shipping too with orders over $10, so go out with a bang.Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.55.15 AMAnd from a first-hand experience, this is the best nail polish, ever. Beats Essie…Did I just say that? Yes. JULEP is tha bomb. I started their beauty box and received my first yesterday with a beautiful blue color and applied it on my nails last night and it is beautiful! It applies SO well, does not smudge, and you only need one coat! Money well spent, y’all. Their nail polish is originally $14, so be sure to take this $9 discount advantage – Today Only! They have great spring/summer colors on sale, and you know you want to make sure your nails are ready Freddy.

Click here to save money and buy a high-quality nail polish that will last you forever for only $5. You know you want to 😉 Go ahead and check out their beauty box too. When you sign up, I think you get a free eye shadow palette that I have been LOVING ($54 worth). The beauty box is $24.99/month. You can cancel anytime and you can skip a month anytime. You also get to choose what stuff you want in your box and you get exclusive discounts on their items! Heck yes!

Here is the palette. I would also post photos of the shadow on, but I just looked back on them and they are bad quality, so we will just wait until my vlog and I can post a tutorial 🙂

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They came in a box separate from my beauty box, so cute!

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These colors are wonderful! I like to break them up into three sections depending on what look I want that day. A light, natural; a go-to browns with a dash of green; a dark smokey eye. So many options!

Okay guys, have a great day & weekend! If you are like me and taking finals, good luck, you’re gonna rock it! Comment any questions or comments. Are y’all familiar with Julep? Do you like Julep? Why/why not?

P.S. to all my Canadian viewers, I am praying for those who are affected by the wild fires. Let me know if there is anything specific I can be praying for you about.

xx, Claire

April Ipsy Bag – & my first!

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After all the confusion, I finally got my Ipsy bag in the mail!

Okay guys, I know I have not been posting as frequently as I normally do BUT I have something very exciting coming up that I am going to start doing and I cannot wait to share it with you guys! Coming the middle of May. You don’t want to miss it! Finals are coming up too so it’s about to get hectic until mid-May.

I am SO excited for this Ipsy bag! As mentioned in the title of this post, this is my first Ipsy bag AND my first subscription beauty bag! Where have they been all my life?!  Continue reading

Best Dry Shampoo – Living Proof

Happy Monday! 🙂

I am just realizing that it has been 6 days since my last blog post… What is up with that? I thought I would receive one of my beauty subscription boxes in the mail sometime last week and I would then post them on the blog but that hasn’t happened yet. But what DID happen is I found the best dry shampoo in the world!

The best thing ever is finding a product line you really really love and just falling more in love with it. That is what happened to me with Living Proof. This stuff is the best thing that has happened to my hair! One of their most kind social media strategists, Alana, sent me a dry shampoo bottle that I have been dying to try! I was so excited to try it and I hugged it like it was my best friend. Continue reading

MAC Brush Cleanser / MAC Cleanse Off Oil vs. Clinique Rinse-Off

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday 🙂 I hope your Tuesday is going well for you and that your week has started to a great start! You’re gonna kill it.

So last week I ordered the MAC brush cleanser because my make-up brushes desperately needed cleaning and repairing! I came across another blogger’s, the Pink Apple, post about the MAC brush cleanser and decided I would give it a try. Don’t go buying new brushes! Save money and save the environment by just cleaning your other ones. Well with an online MAC purchase as a Select member, you get a free sample (yay!) and I decided to try the cleanse off oil. Funny story about that… I thought that “cleanse off oil” meant that it would cleanse off the oil from your face, so I was a little shocked when I received it. Also it was way smaller than I expected. However, I ended up loving it and am still using it. You’ll catch the deets below.  Continue reading